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Dog Yoga and Electric Guitars: Amenities, at a New Level

Brodsky Doga

Dog Yoga and Electric Guitars: Amenities, at a New Level

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Lights dimmed. An instructor spoke Sanskrit. And a collective howl went out from a group on mats.

The dog yoga, or doga, class offered as a free perk earlier this year just to those who live in any of the 62 rental buildings owned by the Brodsky Organization, was a wrap.

“I kind of laughed when I first heard about it and said, ‘Is this really a thing?’” said Amanda Navarra, 27, who attended a class, held at Chelsea’s D Pet Hotels, with her Shih Tzu puppy, Gigi.

“But once you understand it, you think: ‘This is so cool,’” added Ms. Navarra, who rents a studio apartment in a Brodsky building in the Turtle Bay neighborhood. At a doga class, dog owners assist their pets with different stretches and positions.

Providing residents with access to the latest fads has always been important but it seems to have become a priority for city landlords, who are offering increasingly inventive (if occasionally silly) extras to attract buyers and tenants to their buildings, and to keep them entertained while they are there.

Whether rock ’n’ roll rehearsal rooms, Imax theaters, bike-repair stations, stargazing sessions, woodworking shops, greenhouses for growing herbs, or those doga classes, out-there amenities are in some ways an attempt to compensate for shrinking apartments, according to amenity planners, developers and brokers.